11 January 2019

in Janus' blistering nights

in Janus' blistering nights

she wears the moon's madness 
distant cousin commissary
blue eyes fire-lit for the shadows in
her silver white fur
she prowls in the burning of his hand
in prayer, seeking out her abandonment

she spent her owl's hours riding
as Stygian passenger, in the ferrying company
this dark river of the dead on the shores
where I, as witness knew no more breath
as anything other than psalms
in gypsies'coins

knighted as janissary, she crowned me
in a jeweled necklace of small skulls -
mice, shrews, voles, threaded on a black
widow's silk, woven with glistening fur
of mink; ivory on black on ivory
this wreathing, wresting my collarbones

unforgiven, her or I, it remained unspoken
an ululation carried on the wind
as she bade me wear her borrowed slip
maundering, this is Luna's provenance:
palm for the living-dead, in temptation
for a soul's purchase price

# of Luna's madness
# seductive wording: Janus - commissary - Stygian - janissary - wresting - ululation - maundering 

December's Sacred + Profane Spontaneous Combustion: the word spell casting within these sheets is: in a progressive state of birthing + all written content is copyright ad infinitum – to this site, my alter writing egos + the muse.

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